Singapore Flyer – Canninghill Piers Development

The floor plan of the Canninghill Piers apartments is separated into three sections namely, Canninghill Terrace, Canning hill village and Singapore River Walk. The Canninghill Terrace consists of shops and restaurants that are situated on the first floor while the Canning hill village has a playground, a dog park and a Chinese restaurant. The Singapore River Walks is a water body that links the Canning hill village to the Singapore River. It also links the Singapore River Walks to the other part of Canninghill Piers.

The design of the Canninghill Piers floor plan concentrates on two major concepts, namely the integrated development of the retail and office space and the provision for recreational spaces. The integration concept of the retail and office space is based on the Singapore model of development. The model basically concentrates on the principle of vertical integrated development. The idea here is that the retailers in Singapore would locate their outlets along the elevations of the building and would have similar views of the food preparation, store front and other relevant retail aspects like ambience, lighting etc. Retail units would be built at various levels and the elevations could be used for different purposes. The Canninghill Terrace is an example of an edifice that is used for business purposes with an associated retail unit and eating establishment.

In the aspect of providing for recreational spaces, the Canninghill Piers floor plan has an abundance of options. There are facilities for pools and spas for the luxurious clienteles. There are many restaurants and night clubs that make use of the space and cater to the needs of the varied crowd, ranging from the working class who eat in the canteen during the weekends to the middle-upper class who frequent the five-star restaurants on a weekly basis.

One important aspect of the Canninghill Piers floor plan is the three-storied building which has been constructed around an active theme park that is centered around the Singapore River. The entire concept of the Canninghill Piers development centred around the river theme park has made the area a very popular place to stay in Singapore. The dining room of the building is set on a promenade and the dining room has amenities for water sports. Some of the restaurant of the Canninghill Piers floor plan has a tropical feel with palm trees and foliage and the huts have stucco facades and wooden doors.

Canninghill Piers new launch condominium has undergone multiple transformations since it was first opened back in 1960. Apart, from being the location of the Singapore Riverside, this commercial property was also designed as an integrated development including retail space, office space, hotels and dining facilities. The three-storey building is built on an arched design with the elevations coming up through the roof. The Canninghill Piers floor plan has been designed to maximize the natural light and to make the most of the River Valley Road experience.

If you are looking to find out more about the Canninghill Piers development, then one of the best ways to find out is to take a walk around the area during your visit to the Singapore Flyer. This is a special day when the public is allowed to tour the area under the watchful eye of the Singapore Development Authority who is responsible for ensuring that the Canninghill Piers development goes ahead without any glitches. During the showflat preview of the development, the MRRT trains will be running along the Canninghill Piers tracks and you can also get a sneak peak of the proposed restaurants and hotels that are being constructed here. If you are interested in taking a guided tour of the area, the showflat manager will be happy to offer you a guided tour of the entire development during your visit.

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